Flags and Patches Protection Sleeves, Various Sizes Available


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  • Acid free, non plastic and transparent protective sleeves.
  • Perfectly sized to fit Flags and Patches - ideal for collectors.
  • Comprised of a three layer archive standard film, which is acid free, retards ultraviolet light and defends against moisture damage.
  • Various sleeve sizes available - search storage.boutique

storage.boutique has developed an innovative, lightweight archive sleeve designed specifically to protect Flags and Patches. Each pack contains 100 individual sleeves. As you would expect, all storage.boutique sleeves are acid free. In addition, our sleeves are coated on the outside layer of the three layer film to retard the harmful effect of ultraviolet light. The middle layer is a dense core which prevents tearing. The inside layer of our sleeve is made from an untreated material which ensures that the sleeves are completely acid free on contact with your precious collectible. Our sleeves are sealed at the edge by compression and ultrasound, meaning that they fit neatly around your collectable, putting the focus on the contents. The new technology material does not dull or scratch over time and retains the crystal clear transparency that you want for your collection. Available in seven different sizes to fit most types of Flags and Patches.