MODENA NIGHT, Italian Black Boutique Wild Rice, 200g

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A boutique rice which when cooked has a lovely buttery rich taste

Tastes great, hot or cold, - ideal accompaniment to strong meat or as a unique pudding rice

Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Nut Free

Ethically sourced from a small rice co-operative in the Po Valley

A fabulous healthy combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.


Modena Night black rice originates from a specific small family hillside farm in the lush, temperate, Po Valley region near to Milan.


Italian black boutique rice should be cooked for about 40 minutes. Add salt to taste. When cooked, this boutique rice will have a lovely buttery rich taste. It has a very high starch release, making it pair well with bold flavours. When cooked, the water turns a deep indigo, making the preparation a truly unique experience. We also recommend trying it as a risotto, as a unique pudding rice, or as an accompaniment to a strong cold meat.


Black rice offers all of the same health benefits of brown rice but it also packs some serious antioxidants. Because of its dark colour, black rice bran contains the same anthocyanin antioxidants found in blueberries or blackberries.

ETHICS // We ethically source all our boutique rice from growers who do not use synthetic pesticides and herbicides which threaten insect populations, contaminate water sources and can have ecosystem-wide knock-on effects. We accept that rice is a carbon-intensive carbohydrate but not nearly as high as that generated by animal farming, and therefore more sustainable in terms of ensuring the welfare of our environment. When we accept a submission from a rice grower we consider carefully how the rice growing affects the surrounding animal husbandry.


Make your first destination for culinary, healthy, and ethical excellence. Lookout for our world standard red, green, golden brown, purple rices and our highly own desirable standards such as Arborio or pudding rice.


40g of this Modena Night rice has Average Nutritional Values 670 kJ/160 kcal energy, protein 5g,carbohydrate 34g, and fat 2g.