Archive Sleeves

Protect and Preserve has developed an innovative new technology archive material. Naturally it is acid free. In addition, our sleeves are coated on the outside layer of the three layer film to retard the harmful effect of ultra violet light. The middle layer is a dense core giving strength which prevents easy ripping. The inside layer of our sleeve is made from an untreated material which ensures that the sleeves are completely acid free on contact with your precious collectable or document. Our sleeves are sealed at the edge by compression and ultrasound, meaning that there is no hard plastic serrated edge, and so they fit neatly around your collectable putting the focus on the contents.

The new technology material does not dull or scratch over time like the hard plastic, and retains the crystal clear transparency that you want for your collection. If you are an experienced collector. Our archive material is also biodegradable when in contact with the earth - this does not mean it degrades over time (we have been using them for 20+ years), but simply means that in the end they are zero to landfill.

Then we decided to get the highest possible certification - now our material has full food storage certification. This means we will be developing new sizes and uses over the coming months and years. Please feel free to contact the division at if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.