Empty Tea Bags (Plastic Free, Biodegradable)

Empty Tea Bags (Plastic Free, Biodegradable)

All our empty self fill teabags are plastic free (except for the heat seal ones which have a small amount of glue to allow them to seal). They are all 100% biodegradable and home compostable. The sides of our tea bags are sealed using compression and ultrasound. Drawstrings are natural cotton. 

Choice of Materials

Unbleached paper removes the bleaching process from the manufacture of white tea bags - meaning no harmful dioxins go into the planet

Our unbleached corn fibre is exclusive to spice.boutique. We manufacture from non genetically modified materials, and we whiten our tea bags using a revolutionary oxygen wash method, where we push oxygen molecules through the fibres to whiten them.

We also supply white paper teabags which are fully biodegradable.

Size of Tea Bag

In our most popular unbleached paper tea bag, we offer three sizes:

One Cup (5x7cm) - best for small cups of black teas;

One Pot (7x9cm) - Ideal for mugs and pots of black tea, or fruit, green, white or herbal teas;

Extra Large for Fine Tea Infusion (9x13cm) - Another spice.boutique exclusive product - a very large tea bag for the finest tea to allow the quality tea to infuse properly. We would recommend these for spice.boutique tea.