Philately Stockcard Protective Sleeves

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  • Acid Free, Archive Standard, Protective Sleeves for Collectable Philately Stockcards
  • New Technology 3-Layer Dense, Lightweight Material
  • Additional Protection Against UV light Damage Not Given by Existing Film of Traditional Stockcards
  • Perfect for large collection / dealers long term, space saving storage
  • Multiple Sizes Available for Many Collectables - search has developed an innovative, lightweight, triple layer archive sleeve specifically sized for philately stamp collectors. As you would expect, all sleeves are acid free. In addition, our sleeves are coated on the outside layer of the three layer film to retard the harmful effect of ultraviolet light - traditional stockcards are covered by a dense plastic film that affords no log term protection against daylight. The middle layer of our new technology film is a dense core giving strength which prevents tearing - even though the sleeve looks and feels thin, it is actually very strong. The inside layer of our sleeve is made from an untreated material which ensures that the sleeves are completely acid free should they come in contact with your precious collectible. Our sleeves are sealed at the edge by compression and ultrasound, meaning that there is no hard plastic serrated edge like other traditional brands. sleeves will fit neatly around your collectable, putting the focus on the contents. Unlike hard plastic archive sleeves, the new technology material does not dull or scratch over time and retains the crystal clear transparency that you want for your collection. If you are an experienced collector or dealer, you will know how putting a stamp, note or card into a hard plastic sleeve can bend or dent your precious item. That’s not the case with sleeves, as ours are made from a soft but dense lightweight material deliberately designed to prevent such a calamity. 


Our Size 1 (150 x 100 mm) sleeves are suitable for 2 Strip (Approval) Cards.

Our Size 2 (220 x 120 mm) sleeves are suitable for 2 Strip DL Cards, Prinz, Royal Mail Presentation Packs.

Our Size 3 (164 x 118 mm) sleeves are suitable for 3 Strip (Approval) Cards.

Our Size 4 (230 x 150 mm) sleeves are suitable for 5 Strip A5 Cards.


Many other sizes available - search