Empty Tea Bags - Retail Display Cartons


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A retail display carton of our standard product of empty self fill tea bags. Ideally placed near to your loose leaf tea section, these empty self fill teabags will immediately attract your customer as it gives them a new freedom of choice and convenience. You will find them returning to your tea again and again.
All these teabags are guaranteed plastic free, home compostable and non genetically modified.
Postage Free in the UK.
Prices includes VAT, invoice will be supplied.
For single cups of strong tea - choose one cup, unbleached paper.
For mugs of tea, or herbal, fruits, green teas - choose one pot, unbleached paper.
For economy - choose white paper, 6x8cm
All spice.boutique tea bags are also packed in biodegradable, fully compostable packaging.
CONVENIENT EASY USE - Fill the tea bag with about one heaped teaspoon of your favourite tea, pull the soft natural cotton drawstring to close, and infuse the tea bag in boiling water. After preparing your lovely cup of tea to your own strength, dispose of the tea bag conveniently in any bin (be careful as it may be hot).
MULTIPLE QUANTITIES - We also pack in larger quantity Food Service Packs for wholesale businesses.