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We would like you to consider which material is best for your tea, and for our planet.

All our tea filter bags are plastic free, biodegradable and home compostable, meaning zero to landfill, so can be disposed of in any fashion. All our tea bags are home compostable in less than 100 days when placed in an organic environment. Shelf life of our tea bags is greater than three years.

Our Materials:

White unbleached corn fibre - where we have taken non genetically modified corn fibre, made in the borders of Scotland, and supplied to us in a giant roll. We thren push oxygen molecules through the fibre to turn it white and manufacture into our tea filter bags. This means we have successfully taken the paper mill out of the equation and so these tea filter bags are our most environmentally friendly.

Brown unbleached paper - our original tea filter bag made from natural paper resources grown from Scottish sustainable forestry. We do not bleach this paper, which gives it the natural brown colour, and means that no bleach dioxins are reaching water table.

White paper - for the more traditional minded, we do offer a normal white paper version of our bags. These are still plastic free, biodegradable and home compostable, but do not benefit from the other environmentally friendly qualities above.

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