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UNBLEACHED PAPER (Brown) unbleached paper tea bags are a distinctive brown colour - signifying that the filter paper you are using has not been put through bleaching in the manufacturing process. Bleach adds harmful dioxins to our environment. Our unbleached paper tea bags are plastic free, biodegradable and home compostable. They are packed in either recycled card or non-plastic biodegradable film.

We offer three sizes:

One Cup (6x8cm) - best for small cups of black teas;

One Pot (7x9cm) - Ideal for mugs and pots of black tea, or fruit, green, white or herbal teas;

Extra Large for Fine Tea Infusion (9x13cm) - Another exclusive product - a very large tea bag for the finest tea to allow the quality tea to infuse properly. We would recommend these for tea.

Also available in higher quantities in our Wholesale section.